Commercial Audition Tip #2

The Commercial Script – Read It
Sounds obvious, right?
But actors frequently arrive at an audition, scan the script, quickly assess what they have to do in the spot and then proceed to visit with friends, go back to texting, or pace impatiently waiting to go into the studio.
The time can be better spent actually looking at the whole script; check out everyone’s lines and read the left hand column where the camera moves are laid out.
Why bother?
Why, because it’s to your advantage to have a full idea of what they’re going for in the commercial and how you fit into that overall picture. The goal should be to creatively personalize your audition in a way that fits the needs of the script.
You’ve driven all that way to the audition and no doubt struggled to find a parking spot. Why not make the most of it.

More on Personalizing The Audition in future blogs. Stay tuned.

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